American Medical Association

American Medical Association

“Internet Producer” (Hybrid role combining Product Manager and Product Manager) for an internal startup unit


In addition to being known as lobbying group for the medical profession, the AMA publishes a number of highly respected medical journals out of their for-profit publishing division.

This was an unusual position.  The American Medical Association had fired the long-serving editor of The Journal of the American Medical Association and the former editor had joined a NYC-based startup with the intention of creating a new online medical journal at the height of the dotcom boom.  I was brought in to make sure the AMA’s journals got online first.  At the time, the AMA had been experimenting with having a handful of articles online, but nothing approaching Full-Text editions.  I was the only Internet person internal to the AMA on the project (development resources were outsourced) and functionally did everything from business modeling to managing vendors, in addition to the formal title.

  • Sole in-house technical resource tasked with creating the first online editions of the American Medical Association’s suite of  medical journals
  • Spearheaded the full-life cycle creation of a portal site for AMA publishing and new sites for 11 individual journals. Completely redesigned and upgraded site to Full-Text offerings.  The portal contained over 65,000 pages, and was full-text searchable.
  • Managed creation of subscriber access control system.
  • Managed creation of E-commerce system for single article sales.
  • Implemented a new interactive classified ad system across all 11 journals
  • Managed creation and processing of RFPs and project specifications.
  • Prioritized feature development.
  • Q/A and usability oversight
  • Arranged for traffic certification by I Pro.
  • Coordinated approval process with Editorial and Production managers; interfaced with Advertising, Circulation and Legal departments, as well as the Publishers of the individual journals.
  • As a floating office, supervised as many as 50 AMA employees on an ad hoc basis during the process re-engineering phase, also managed an outside vendor for site development.
  • Advisor on AMA’s “Guidelines for Medical and Health Information Sites on the Web” paper.  (JAMA 3/22-29/00)
  • Lectured on portal sites for professional/scientific publications to the American Association of Publishers, at their invitation.